Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

  • Publish date: Saturday، 16 November 2019 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats
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Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expatsWith only a few months left for the launch of EXPO 2020, the excitement can be seen everywhere. According to predictions, this mega-event is expected to be a game-changer for UAE, in general.

Since expats make up the majority of the UAE population, many are eager to know what impact this mega-event will have on the lives of expats in UAE.

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

If you’re an expat living in UAE or a foreigner planning to move to UAE soon, keep reading to know how this global event will impact your life:

1: More Job Opportunities

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

Though UAE is undoubtedly a land full of great opportunities but some people still struggle finding the right job.

In an independent report, released by the world-renowned EY consultancy firm, EXPO 2020 is eaxpected to make way for as many as 49,700 jobs per annum - which is a welcoming news for both expats and locals alike.

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

2: Increased Business Exposure

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expats

EXPO 2020 is expected to open new frontiers for business and will leave a positive impact on the national economy for years to come. The event will serve as a catalyst for innovation & progress and will create a favorable environment for expats who’re looking to establish their own business to support themselves after retirement.

3: Relaxed Visa Regulations

Expo2020 and impact on the lives of expatsThe six-month global event is considered as a critical investment for the future of the UAE and its residents. Though there are still a few months left for its launch, we are already seeing it’s positive impact on UAE visa regulations.

The opportunity to be able to call Dubai home even after retirement has been on the top of the wishlist of many UAE expats since quite a long time.

As the EXPO 2020 draws closer, the UAE Government has been easing its visa regulations to provide a more stable environment for expats and attract more foreign professionals to the country. The introduction of the 5 year retirement visa allows expats to continue living in the UAE after retirement, if they meet certain requirements. This initiative by UAE Government has been receiving quite a positive response from the expat community since its announcement and has made it possible for them to view the UAE as their long-term option.

For more details, visit the Expo2020 website