Update on 'Shaheen' Cyclone in Oman and UAE

  • Publish date: Saturday، 02 October 2021
Update on 'Shaheen' Cyclone in Oman and UAE

The National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster in UAE team held its second meeting today to discuss the latest updates on the tropical cyclone "Shaheen".

Dubai will operate as normal, except for public schools in Hatta, where distance learning will run on Sunday and Monday.

The announcement was made by Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management.

It also added that various government and private entities in the emirate will operate as normal on Sunday, October 3.

The participants also emphasised securing critical infrastructure in coordination with the partners, including police departments and the Emirates Red Crescent.

According to NCM's forecasts, the movement of Tropical Cyclone Shaheen will continue towards the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman during the next 24 hours, and that by Sunday afternoon and evening October 3, some regions of the country will be affected by the extension of the tropical situation, especially the eastern regions, which include the Al Ain and the southern regions and extending towards some central regions, where convective clouds will increase, associated with rains of different intensity that lead to the flash flooding in the valleys and torrents and water will accumulate over some low areas.

The NCM urged the public to follow its bulletins and reports, as well as instructions and warnings by the relevant authorities.