Get your CAFU prepaid cards from LikeCard!

  • Publish date: Monday، 17 October 2022 Last update: Thursday، 20 October 2022
Get your CAFU prepaid cards from LikeCard!

The #1 gift cards platform in the MENA region, LikeCard, has announced a strategic partnership with CAFU, the Middle East’s first on-demand car service platform. Users will benefit from the convenience of CAFU’s 24/7 on-demand fuel delivery service and a suite of vehicle services, with an exciting prepaid edge, starting from as low as AED 50.

This dynamic partnership, signed on 22nd August 2022, unlocks new avenues for LikeCard customers to shop for CAFU prepaid cards worth AED 50, AED 55, AED 100, AED 200 and AED 250, that can be used to gift or redeem SuperShine and Petrol services, anywhere across the U.A.E. and around the clock, 24/7!

“Consumers today are a lot more tech-savvy and expect speed and choice wherever they interact, so offering convenient, innovative services are essential. We are excited to partner with LikeCard to ensure our consumers have access to exclusive offers and benefits, while providing them with convenient and faster ways to pay. We believe in the power of partnerships and look forward to unlocking innovative opportunities for our customers." - CAFU

Through this collaboration, LikeCard and CAFU will elevate their customer’s experiences by offering increased efficiency and convenient practices to fit their schedules – that not only delivers convenient pre-booking options, but also, successfully saves time and cost.

The alliance further aims to promote the convenience of a cashless society and harnesses the power of digital payments through prepaid cards. As a leading fuel delivery and vehicle services platform, CAFU sources its fuel from one of U.A.E.’s national oil companies, delivering consumers the highest standards, right to their desired locations.

In addition to using the CAFU prepaid cards across the U.A.E for a suite of vehicle services from on-demand refueling, car washes, engine oil maintenance, battery recharging, and to tyre changes – subscribers can access exclusive offers and discounts.

About CAFU

CAFU is one of the world’s leading global fuel delivery and vehicle services platform. Since its launch in Dubai in 2018, CAFU has continued to drive innovation, champion convenience, and give back to their customers the most precious commodity of all – time. 

Ranked number one in the 2021 LinkedIn Top Startups List, CAFU continues to make life better through greater car connectivity, predictive enabled features, and innovation evolving the consumer experience and ease of use to make operating a car simpler and smarter.

Beginning with on-demand refuelling, CAFU continues to disrupt the status quo, connecting customers to an ever-growing roster of convenience-driven services, including on-demand car washes, battery, tyre, and engine oil change services delivered anytime, anywhere. The CAFU application is available to download on Android and iOS. To find out more, visit https://www.cafu.com.

About LikeCard

With over 70+ leading local and international retailers. 3,000+ cards to choose from and a swiftly growing base of 4+ million users, LikeCard is the #1 Prepaid Card eCommerce Platform in the MENA Region. LikeCard flaunts a proud portfolio of strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading brands ranging from telecommunications, entertainment, gaming, electronics services, and retail brands! LikeCard has steadily grown to become an integral part of the digital ecosystem, recording a staggering 8m+ app downloads in App Store, google play, and Huawei Gallery, an unprecedented 30 million+ orders and 85,000 purchase orders daily, and consistently strives to deliver smarter practices, conveniently.