Top 5 Must-Try Mobile Games of 2023

  • Publish date: Friday، 13 January 2023
Top 5 Must-Try Mobile Games of 2023

January 2023 marks the beginning of a new adventure, the ascent of an exciting tomorrow, and the, even more, swifter growth of a thriving esports market in MENA. Consequential of the immense potential of this industry and with the dawn of Metaverse, this region has actively embraced gaming as a fully acceptable career possibility.

Moreover, mobile games have become extensively popular because of their immersivity engaging nature, and ease of accessibility.

This year, while there were millions of gaming apps available, a handful took off, ruled the charts, and dominated the hearts of the gaming community – so much so that the UAE hosted the colossal, 12-day-long PUBG Global Championship 2022, too! We’re talking about the genre-defining, industry-shaping, global sensations that contributed significantly to the history of mobile gaming and came out winning as the greatest hits of the App Store and Google Play’s collection!

One of the fastest-growing industries globally has been the gaming industry which currently stands at $1.78 billion in this region alone and the rise of esports is forecasted to raise higher as we advance further into 2025, with it being expected to reach approximately $5 billion! The growth of this industry has only been empowered due to the ever-growing love of mobile gaming by the audiences here, topped with the support of digitally holistic platforms like Codati, an end-to-end digital wallet, that successfully bridges the gap between eCommerce and consumers.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the best performers that are on the rise and have shaped the industry so far.

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. The top of the chart is dominated by the best Royale Battle, PUBG, a shooter game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle royale, a type of large-scale last-man-standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive.
    What to expect in 2023? This year, PUBG Global Series will be a new tier-1 full-offline tournament for top regional teams to compete on a global level. Plus, according to EsportsGen.com, there's a good chance that the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile 2.4 update might arrive this month.
  1. Next up is Mobile Legends; a five-player battlefield that pits each other with the hero and unique abilities that each player can individually control. It has an astonishing following among gamers and has been doted as one of the classic gunplay games that everyone enjoys. What's the end game? Each team's mission is to destroy their opponent's base (crystal) at the opposing end of the map. The first to destroy their opponent's base wins the game. They achieve this by integrating their heroes and abilities to tear down minions, creeps, turrets, and rival heroes.
    What to expect in 2023? Plenty! Ever since the Patch 1.7.44 Update in Mobile Legends, the developers at Moonton Games intend to rework overpowered heroes such as Leomord in most situations, while also sharpening Alucard with enhanced mobility, weekly release of free heroes and new skins, the Knight's Arrival-Themed Draw Event and much more! 
  1. Following after is the sensational, Fortnite. The brilliant developers of this PC and console game decided to unveil its mobile version right after securing a huge response from its players. An action-packed, survival-based PC game that has been thoughtfully adapted for mobiles; Fortnite features many players landing on an island and competing against one another with the last one standing declared as the winner of that round. Top that with a myriad of captivating characters, skins and set of power-ups with its most amazing feature being the incorporation of cross-play that enables mobile and console gamers to interact together in real-time.
    What to expect in 2023? Plenty! Epic Games has announced new ways to personalise your Battle Royale Island's end-of-game messages, the introduction of hurdling player movement, the release of new weapons such as the Tactical Pistol, Twin Mag SMG, Thunder Shotgun, and much more, as well as the Wave Defense island template, as well as bug fixes for Prefabs and Galleries, devices, and others.
  1. Next in line is LifeAfter, an open-day doomsday survival game developed by NetEase Games that depicts humanity's survival in a post-virus apocalyptic world! What’s the goal? Players travel to Hope 101, where a small group of survivors seek to rebuild after the devastation. Each start off with a plot of land and an opportunity to build a home and a new life and to survive – they fight not just against the Infected, but also against other, and even nature itself.
    What to expect in 2023? A deadly new doomsday challenge! Season 5 introduces Deadly Blossom within which lies the new Ark City, new enemies, stages, maps, gears, and much more! Survivors can now use the Power of Mutation from the Source to improve themselves in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world.
  1. Finally, we have the world’s most popular game, Roblox! A colossal multiplayer online platform where creators are invited to design and engage in millions of immersive 3D worlds i.e., the Metaverse while. What’s the catch? The ability to design and personalise an Avatar to mirror the player by choosing from a variety of different physical features, accessories and outfits that can be purchased using Robux inside the platform's catalogue. This platform feature is a huge draw for many creators who want their avatars to look as cool as possible in addition to global brands capitalising on this marketing opportunity to create their own exclusive experiences.
    What to expect in 2023? Championing the immersive world! Roblox has recently announced its plan to launch 3D advertising, more popularly known as immersive ads, on its platform this year. Furthermore, other enrichments include a richer platform with voice being enabled so players can speak to each other in real-time along with capabilities of workspace layout customisation and collaboration with their teammates and much more!

That’s a wrap with a thrilling series of adventures, unlocked for every gamer in town. While all of them are on the top must-play list, developers across the globe have raised the gaming experience and genuinely outdone themselves by unfolding ever-engaging entertainment that keeps audiences hooked and asking for more in the months to come!

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