Google Will Delete Your Gmail Account By December 1st If It’s Inactive

  • Publish date: Sunday، 06 August 2023
Google Will Delete Your Gmail Account By December 1st If It’s Inactive

On Friday, August 4, Google implemented its updated inactivity policy, which serves as a reminder to users about the approaching December 1 deadline. After this date, Google will begin deleting accounts that have remained inactive.

In a recent advisory, the tech giant announced that they had revised the inactivity period for Google accounts to two years. This change applies universally across all their products and services, including Gmail as well.

It explained that an account is considered inactive if the user hasn't logged into it within two years.

While explaining the deadline in detail, Google stated: "An inactive account and any content in it will be eligible for deletion from December 1, 2023."

Once deleted, a Gmail address cannot be used again for a new account, it added.

The platform, however, clarified that users will receive multiple notifications before any email is permanently deleted.

"If your account is considered inactive, we will send several reminder e-mails to both you and your recovery emails (if any have been provided) before we take any action or delete any account content," it said. "These reminder e-mails will go out at least 8 months before any action is taken on your account."

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