Ramadan Drinks That Will Keep You Hydrated

  • Publish date: Sunday، 24 April 2022 Last update: Monday، 25 April 2022

Ramadan is a very special month for Muslims, where they practice fasting from Sunrise until sunset. Whether you’re in a country that fasts the longest or shortest hours during Ramadan, it’s important to stay hydrated. Find out in this article a list of Ramadan drinks that will keep you hydrated.  

Best Ramadan Drinks 

Ramadan fasting hours differ from one country to another, no matter how many hours you fast, you must stay hydrated. Here is a list of Ramadan drinks that will ensure that plus these drinks are a part of Ramadan rituals for Muslims:

Amar Al-Din


Amar Al-Din is one of the most popular Ramadan drinks in the Middle East, it is made of dried apricots or apricot paste. Although Amar Al-Din has a lot of sugar and people with diabetes have to be careful with the portion they drink, this traditional Ramadan drink is filled with vitamins and minerals. In addition, the Amar Al-Din drink helps in digestion, especially after Ramadan meal, and it regulates metabolism.  


Kharoub Juice

Carob is the legume fruit of the Carob tree, and besides its yummy taste, it’s nutrient-rich and provides fasting people with many health benefits. For instance, this refreshing is high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. 



Jallab is another example of a famous Ramadan drink in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, it is made of dates, and grape molasses with rose water, and it can be served with nuts. Jallab is a good option for people with diabetes or on a diet since it’s low in calories, does not contain artificial sweeteners, and goes down smooth. 

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great hydration option in Ramadan, especially for those that prefer having an organic drink with no sugar added or artificial flavors. 

In addition to what is mentioned above, Ramadan Drink also include: 

  • Yogurt Drink “Called Laban Up in UAE”  

  • Lemonade

  • Dates milk shake 

  • Hibiscus tea 

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