How Do People Celebrate Diwali?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 23 October 2022 Last update: Sunday، 12 November 2023
How Do People Celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is one of the largest festivals celebrated in India, and Diwali 2022 will be observed on Monday October 24, and end on Wednesday, October 26. How do people celebrate Diwali? Find out in this article.  

How Do People Celebrate Diwali? 

Diwali festival of lights tradition

People celebrate Diwali by wearing their new beautiful, colorful, and fancy clothes, then head to temples for worshipping. In addition, they add lights all around the house and gather with their family, friends, and their loved ones to celebrate and exchange gifts. And as with any festival in the world, food plays a huge part where people make specific dishes that indicate their origin. 

What are Diwali Gifts 

As Diwali presents, it is a popular tradition to gift silver and gold coins, such as Ganesh and Lakshmi coins. Furthermore, Diwali gifts can be chocolate, jewelry, items for the home, or any essentials needed. While for children, Diwali gifts are toys, clothes or jewelry.  

How Do Children Celebrate Diwali? 

Diwali is one of the children's favorite celebrations! Children celebrate Diwali by dressing up and getting small gifts and sweets. 

Ways People Celebrate Diwali Today at Home

Group of indian assorted sweets or mithai with diya  

During Diwali, people often visit their relatives to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones, and below are how people celebrate Diwali at home:  

  • Cooking up a feast 

  • Making Indian sweets such as KAJU KATLI 

  • Lighting up the holiday 

  • Exchange gifts  

  • Watch Bollywood Movies for Diwali 

  • Visit attractions that celebrate Diwali and watch fireworks  

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