Must See Attractions and Sights in Dubai

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 July 2021 Last update: Sunday، 08 August 2021
Must See Attractions and Sights in Dubai

As Eid is here if you feel like doing something different and just escape the usual such as the malls or so we have got you with the must-see attractions and sights in Dubai!

Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack

Al Marmoom camel racing returns | News | Time Out Dubai

A camel might, at first, seem an ungainly animal, but they're actually far more graceful than that. The desert-dwelling beasts can reach speeds of up to 65kmh and races are every bit as entertaining as you're picturing right now. Dubai’s famous camel racetrack, Al Marmoom is open every winter if you want to watch camel racing – a centuries-old tradition – in Dubai. A must-see while visiting the city.

Al Seef

Al Seef Dubai: Where the Old Meets the New | Dubai OFW

Al Seef is an area of Dubai steeped in history, with a huge amount of Emirati culture. The must-see area leans heavily on the contemporary elements of life in Dubai but also has a nostalgic twist. There are plenty of things to do by the waterfront from sightseeing to shopping.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Facts you didn't know about: Historical Numbers, Attractions &  More - MyBayut

From the city’s newest attractions to one of its oldest, the Dubai Creek has served as a lifeline for the community for centuries. Abras cross the water every minute or so and will cost you just Dhs1. It's a short trip to the other side, but it’s a must-see and a top chance to explore ‘old Dubai’. Embrace Dubai’s past with a sail across Dubai Creek and get ready to be taken back to everything Dubai is really about

Dubai Frame

World's Largest Picture Frame" Opens in Dubai | ArchDaily

It isn’t just a stand-out structure that captures the city in a colossal-sized frame, visitors can actually go inside and up to the bridge of Dubai Frame over at Zabeel Park. And, the views of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Dubai from a 150-meter-high sky glass bridge look superb whether you’re there for the day, sunset, or at night. The bridge has a completely see-through bottom to it – walk across it and be labeled one of the bravest of the bunch at this must-see Dubai attraction.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum: The Complete Guide

If you feel your time in Dubai is lacking a little in history, then plan a day trip to the Al Fahidi Historical District and visit the Dubai Museum. Housed by the old Al Fahidi Fort, a fortress that dates back to 1787 (making it the oldest building in Dubai), the Dubai Museum was opened in 1971 making it a must-see Dubai attraction. Wandering through the exhibitions, visitors get a sense of the traditional ways of life for the ancestors of many UAE nationals.

Image Source: Bayut

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