You Can Share a Bike Around Expo 2020 Dubai Site

  • Publish date: Saturday، 02 October 2021
You Can Share a Bike Around Expo 2020 Dubai Site

RTA announced the provision of bike sharing modes by Careem which provides a quick and sustainable ride solution at Expo 2020. 230 pedal- assist bicycles and 23 stations were provided by Careem to enable visitors and staff to reserve and use bicycles to tour the exhibition facilities easily through the Careem BIKE app.

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO, Public Transport, RTA, said, "With ‘People Happiness and Safety and Environmental Sustainability’ being part of our strategic objectives, bike sharing is a great way of getting around inside Expo venue. We also encourage visitors to reach the Expo using public transport modes like the Dubai Metro, Dubai buses and taxis as they are well integrated to ease mobility."

The integration of various modes of transportation, from public transportation and Metro to access the Expo site from outside, and individual means of transportation represented by shared bicycles (Careem Bike) within the Expo 2020 site and the use of innovative technologies, will contribute to promoting the implementation of first and last mile strategies, facilitating access to the exhibition and moving between various venues.

The proposed mobility system will also enable visitors to manage their time more efficiently, make their visit worthwhile and their experience an unforgettable event.

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