Dubai Expects a Million Passengers Over the Next Days

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 11 August 2021
Dubai Expects a Million Passengers Over the Next Days

The world’s busiest international airport in Dubai airport is expecting to handle more than a million passengers over the next 11 days (August 12-22) with daily peaks averaging 100,000 passengers during weekends.

The surge is the outcome of a coinciding of the seasonal peak at the end of the summer holidays when families travel back to the UAE with recent changes in travel regulations for the UAE affecting several countries.

Dubai Airports strongly urges all customers to:

- Always check with their airline for information on travel requirements specific to their journey.

- Confirm the terminal their flight is arriving into/departing from before coming to the airport.

- Make sure they are aware of and meet the travel requirements of the country they are travelling to (including a negative PCR test report before the start of their journey).

- Use the airport’s ample designated parking areas or valet service to receive their guests in comfort. Stopping vehicles to pick up guests from the arrivals forecourt is a traffic violation and causes congestion in and around the terminal.

- Ensure they always wear a protective face mask and maintain physical distancing at the airport.

- Abstain from travelling or visiting public places and seek medical advice if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms.

- Ensure that their travel documents (passport and Visa) are updated and valid before heading to the airport.

- Say their goodbyes at home to help avoid crowding at the terminal forecourt.