New Visa Rules in the UAE: Features, Benefits & Date of Implementation

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 03 August 2022
New Visa Rules in the UAE: Features, Benefits & Date of Implementation

The UAE continues to attract top talent investors, students, skilled professionals, and others from all over the world to support its economy and grow its resources. The government has announced major changes to UAE visas as of September 2022. Here are the most important updates.

Features of New Visas to the UAE

  • Multiple and new types of residencies to suit all categories of investors, scholars, specialists, students, and graduates in all fields.
  • The burdens are lower than before and the procedures are simplified.
  • Adding new benefits for residency holders.
  • Separation between residence and employer.
  • New advantages for the residence of family members, including allowing the foreigner residing in the country to easily bring in his family members such as the husband and children, and the age of the children to be granted residency has been raised to 25 years from only 18 years.
  • Granting a residence permit to unmarried girls and sons of people of determination, regardless of age.
  • Allowing those holding a green residence to bring in first-degree relatives.
  • Providing new options for those wishing to visit the country related to the extension period of the visit, which is up to a year.
  • Not requiring the presence of a guarantor or host in the country to facilitate procedures and requirements.
  • Creating a visa that aims to explore job opportunities, and another to explore investment and business opportunities without a guarantor or host inside the country, according to specific conditions in the new executive regulations.
  • Adding new benefits related to golden residency, the most important of which is the abolition of the requirement not to be absent from the state and the abolition of the maximum number of support service workers and benefits for family members that allow them to remain in the country for the duration of their residency in the event of the death of the breadwinner who obtained the golden residency, in addition to diversifying the golden residency categories to include scholars, specialists, and talented geniuses, in accordance with the regulations established in this regard.

It is noteworthy that the authority responsible will implement an integrated plan to educate individuals about the new conditions and controls for entry and residence visas for foreigners during the coming period, and it will respond to all inquiries received through all communication channels approved for the public and through customer happiness centers.

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