NMC Group Offers Health Check-up for Dh1 Per Day

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 April 2021
NMC Group Offers Health Check-up for Dh1 Per Day

Health has been a major theme in the UAE and around the world ever since the Covid-19 has been declared as a pandemic. And so, a healthcare group in Dubai has launched a preventive master health check-up package for Dh365, which amounts to Dh1 per day.

NMC Healthcare is offering the package in all its medical centers across Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK).

Residents have the chance to a comprehensive test package that runs diagnostic tests on at least 70 body functions, including their hormone profile, vitamin profile, lipid profile, dental, and eye check-up to name a few.

NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai | NMC Healthcare

Dr Pari Pulate, a general surgeon with the NMC Healthcare networks, said, “We're living in a world where lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Most people only run diagnostic tests when they have symptoms or feel unwell. A very small percentage of the population runs preventive health checks. That needs to change.”

The package also includes a free doctor’s consultation which can be followed up by a second consultation. Tests results are handed over to the patients as well. An executive category of the package, priced at Dh665, offers diagnostics tests for up to 84 parameters.

“This amounts to Dh 2 per day per year. Patients can test for their cardiac risk markers, arthritis profile, liver profile, renal profile, electrolytes profile, and iron deficiency,” said Dr. Pulate. However, the basic package is also equally comprehensive.

“The tests are also helpful for those who are on dependent visas and do not have medical insurance, but want to take care of their health,” the NMC official added.

It is great to see that the UAE keeps on evolving medically and comes up with initiatives for its people’s health and well being.

Image Source: Dubai Healthcare Guide

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