Sudanese Couple Names Twins After Dubai Ruler and Wife in Tribute

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 May 2023
Sudanese Couple Names Twins After Dubai Ruler and Wife in Tribute

Sudanese couple just had their newborn twins on the 13th of May, named their babies after the Ruler of Dubai and his wife as a tribute to the tremendous support they received after they were not able to return to their homes in Sudan; due to conflicts and unstable circumstances.

The couple Aasim Omer and his wife Duaa Mustafa named the babies, Mohammed and Hind, in honor of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, and his wife.

The couple came to Dubai on the 12th of March from Sudan with their 2-year-old son as they were planning to stay for 2 weeks in the emirate while Ms Mustafa, a dentist, was prepared to take the professional practice exam administered by the Dubai Health Authority.

Ms Mustafa passed her exam but the couple changed their plans to return home after she was not feeling well and was advised to postpone their return by Dubai doctors.

When the couple was about to leave right after her recovery, the conflict in Sudan started, so they had to stay in Dubai. Accordingly, the authorities in the emirate granted them free accommodation.

On May 3, Sheikh Mohammed ordered that all Sudanese individuals in the UAE who faced difficulties in returning to their home country would receive assistance, which included accommodation and healthcare.
A special working group in Dubai arranged a hospital check-up for Ms. Mustafa, who was advised of an early delivery. She underwent a Caesarean section, and the couple expressed gratitude by naming their twins Mohammed and Hind. The support provided by the group included covering all medical costs.

“This is a drop in the ocean compared to the generosity that UAE has showered all Sudanese on its soil with following the conflict,” said Mr Omer.

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