Vinegar-based Sunomono Helps Older Men to Keep Healthy Blood Pressure

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 July 2022
Vinegar-based Sunomono Helps Older Men to Keep Healthy Blood Pressure

On a trip to Japan, where vinegar is widely used in preparing various delicious main and side dishes, a group of researchers from Osaka University sheds light on the benefits of vinegar and the impact of its consumption on the body's health in the long run. These researchers found that regular consumption of sunomono, a Japanese side dish prepared with rice vinegar and either cucumber slices or seaweed, among older men (40+) is associated with lower blood pressure.

Vinegar Benefits Aren’t Newborn!

The study on the sunomono brings us back to previous research which showed that people who drink 30ml of vinegar per day tend to show lower blood pressure levels. Since sunomono is a very popular dish in Japan, usually eaten by the older generations and many Japanese supermarkets sell individually prepackaged sunomono portions, it is a great source of nutritional vinegar among the Japanese, so it was chosen to see how it affects people's blood pressure.

The results showed that men who did not eat sunomono regularly had significantly elevated blood pressure, even though their weight and BMI were similar while eating a sunomono at least once per month was found to be associated with lower average blood pressure among males considering their BMI, age, smoking history, and sodium/potassium/alcohol consumption habits.

Balance Is Always Required

The fact that vinegar contributes to lowering blood pressure in older men does not mean that it should be consumed excessively, as increasing the consumption of vinegar does not lead to a further improvement in blood pressure. This study was conducted to prove to people that a small difference in your diet can make a big impact on your health and improve it for the better, a small side dish can improve your blood pressure! How about following an integrated health system? What are you waiting for? Start now!

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