Is Shein Ending Collaborations with Israel Amid Gaza Conflict?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 October 2023
Is Shein Ending Collaborations with Israel Amid Gaza Conflict?

Following criticism for selling Palestinian flags, and not Israeli ones, the Chinese e-commerce website Shein has sparked even further controversy by ending its advertising campaigns with Israeli Instagram influencers.

Israeli customers, who expressed anger over the Palestinian flag sale, started a widespread push to boycott the platform.  In response to the backlash, Shein removed the Palestinian flags from its website.

The e-commerce giant then chose to end its collaborations with Israeli influencers, but this decision caused yet another issue to surface. A mass email addressed to the influencers said, "Thank you for your support and love for Shein. Due to adjustments, the campaign's publication date has been postponed. Please refrain from posting about Shein. We will provide an update with more details and a new publication date soon."

Additionally, all free deliveries to Israel have been canceled.

Shein previously received criticism in 2020 for selling a swastika necklace for sale on their website. After removing the product, the company apologized and made an effort to explain how the swastika was a sacred symbol in Buddhism.

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