Ramadan For Non Muslims

  • Publish date: Friday، 09 April 2021 Last update: Monday، 12 April 2021
Ramadan For Non Muslims. Things You Should Know.

Ramadan, the holy month celebrated by Muslims, is just around the corner and as the world is becoming more globalised, we're forced to think of ways to respect each other's cultures, so here are tips for Non Muslims to follow in Ramadan.

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  • Do not eat, drink or smoke in public

Do not eat, drink or smoke in public during fasting hours. This applies to all public places, and public and private transportation. Public observance of the fast is compulsory regardless of religion.

Ramadan For Non Muslims

  • Make sure you are wearing modest clothing

refrain from wearing revealing clothing out of respect to those observing Ramadan. This is particularly important when visiting malls, hotels and restaurants or iftar tents in the evening. As a general rule, clothing that is sheer, too short, low-cut or tight-fitting should be avoided, particularly shorts, mini-skirts and sleeveless tops.

Ramadan For Non Muslims

  • For businesses, short working hours should be taken into consideration

Businesses should respect the shorter office hours and work around them, especially now that we are working from home. It's easier to have a longer day when staff are working from home, but the shorter working hours should still be respected.

Ramadan For Non Muslims

  • Entertainment and lifestyle

Avoid unnecessary travel within an hour of sunset, as traffic will be heavy and accident rates peak. Avoid making dinner reservations around that time, as most restaurants will be busy preparing or serving iftar.

Ramadan For Non Muslims

  • Public Display of Affection

Out of respect, cut down the public display of affection to your spouses and loved ones.

Ramadan For Non Muslims

Have fun, Ramadan is all about kindness, helping those in need and forgiveness, so whether you are a Muslim or not. Make sure to incorporate these actions in your life.

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