Siraj Launches the Parents' Guide to Drug Prevention

  • Publish date: Sunday، 26 June 2022
Siraj Launches the Parents' Guide to Drug Prevention

Parents play a pivotal role in protecting children from several dangers, including drug abuse, and from this point of view, the National Drug Prevention Program (Siraj) seeks to contribute to protecting families from the dangers of narcotics, developing their skills, and enabling them to manage and treat children’s needs. In view of this, the program launched the parents’ guide to drug prevention.

One of the aims of this guide is to acquaint parents with the types of narcotics and psychotropic substances, their harms, and indications of abuse. It introduces them to the common and wrong beliefs about narcotics and psychotropic substances, in addition to the protective and dangerous factors surrounding children, enabling them to detect and intervene early in cases of drug abuse.

This guide includes a detailed explanation of narcotics, causes and indicators of drug abuse, protective and dangerous factors, the role of parents in protecting their children from narcotics, and the federal law regarding drug control, and treatment and rehabilitation services in the UAE.

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