Pictures: The UAE's Hayat-Vax

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 March 2021
Pictures: The UAE's Hayat-Vax
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The first UAE COVID-19 vaccine, Hayat-Vax is seen rolling off a production line. The UAE and China struck a deal on Monday to permit Abu Dhabi's Group 42 and Julphar to manufacture the Hayat-Vax.

Officials said production could hit 2 million doses per month as Ras Al Khaimah drug maker Julphar is already rolling off a production line at Julphar's main plant in RAK.

Pictures: The UAE's Hayat-Vax

"The new vaccine plant in Kizad will become operational this year and over its phased development will have a production capacity of 200 million doses per annum across three filling lines and five automated packaging lines," the official release read.

Pictures: The UAE's Hayat-Vax

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, on Monday, spoke at a virtual conference hosted by the Hope Consortium, an Abu Dhabi-based logistics collective set up to deliver vaccines globally.

"We believe that every person has the right to obtain the vaccine without discrimination," he said.

Images: Screenshots from a Video from G42 Healthcare / Julphar