Dubai: Over 6Kg Drugs Found Hidden in Travelers Car

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 14 February 2024
Dubai: Over 6Kg Drugs Found Hidden in Travelers Car

On Wednesday, Dubai Customs reported that one of its officers had taken more than 6.5 kg of drugs from a tourist who was crossing one of the country's land borders.

Officers had to perform a manual examination since the passenger appeared anxious and attempted to rush through the customs inspection. This resulted in the finding of a clear plastic bag that was hiding in a clothes pocket and contained about 3 grams of crystal meth.

After the traveler's car was thoroughly examined, rolls containing 6.567 kg of hashish were uncovered. 

Director of the Inland Customs Centers Management Hamid Mohammed said this demonstrated the diligence and skill of Dubai Customs inspectors in reading body language and keeping an elevated security awareness.

He emphasized Dubai Customs' dedication to offering specialized training programs to its inspectors and upholding the strictest international guidelines for interpreting body language, catching smugglers, and identifying dangerous and illicit materials.

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