Talabat Launches Beta Version of 'talabat AI' as First Delivery App

  • Publish date: Sunday، 07 May 2023
Talabat Launches Beta Version of 'talabat AI' as First Delivery App

Starting on Monday, a new feature powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) will be introduced to Talabat, a delivery app.

This feature will be exclusively available to select customers who subscribe to the app's pro version. The AI-based shopping assistant will assist users in searching for recipes and identifying the availability of ingredients during their grocery shopping activities, making the overall shopping experience more convenient.

Talabat is set to become the pioneering everyday delivery app in the MENA region with the introduction of its ChatGPT-powered AI grocery shopping assistant. The beta version of this service will be rolled out on Monday, marking a significant milestone. Users can look forward to ongoing updates and improvements to the assistant following its initial launch.

As part of its dedication to improving customer experience through innovative solutions, the tech company has introduced this new feature. It originated from a hackathon conducted at their headquarters in the UAE, where over 450 product and tech engineers work diligently.

Yi-Wei Ang, the Chief Product Officer at talabat, stated that the new service was developed using ChatGPT by OpenAI to explore innovative ways of enhancing customer experience. He emphasized talabat's dedication to continuously improving its offerings and leading innovation within the everyday delivery industry.

Their objective is to transform the way users interact with apps and provide an elevated experience for their customers.

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