Photography Day: Best Photo Editing Apps

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 June 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 17 August 2021
Photography Day: Best Photo Editing Apps
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We now live in the era of technology, where we can do business, shopping, and communication online. Becoming a professional independent photographer was made easier through phone camera and editing applications! Here are the best editing applications you can download on your phone.

Legendary Adobe Photoshop turns 30 - Geek Tech Online

PicsArt (Android, iOS)

PicsArt is our top pick of the best photo editing apps, because it's fun, easy to use, yet covers just about all the bases for consumer mobile photography. It provides lots of creative control, excellent image-editing tools and a large variety of attractive filters. In addition, you can quickly select or create fun stickers, combine your pictures into highly customizable collages, add artistic text and share. The full-featured camera module includes pre-capture effects and photo tools. 

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

Snapseed isn't for the casual user, but rather for serious photographers who want or need to spend time creating the best possible image while on the go. As such, it has a full array of top-notch editing tools, including selective edit brushes, plus a nice collection of film-related filters (such as Lens Blur, Retrolux and Double Exposure).

Adobe Photoshop Camera (Android, iOS)

Adobe Photoshop Camera is one of the best photo editing apps due to its AI, which applies special effects and photo corrections before or after you shoot with your phone’s camera. 

Pixlr (Android, iOS)

Pixlr is one of the best photo editing apps for the casual photographer who wants to do just a bit of fine-tuning, perhaps add some neat effects and then share on whatever social networks are on their phone. The intuitive interface is easy to master, so you can get right into the fun of playing with your pictures.

Adobe Lightroom (Android, iOS)

The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom (iOS and Android) is part of a cloud-based workflow that includes storage of your entire photo library and access to the full-resolution files (original and edited) on all your devices (mobile, laptop and desktop). So, when purchased with the entire Lightroom system (starting at $9.99/month), you’re buying into a powerful photo-processing ecosystem that provides professional-level control and quality. However, if all you want is a top-notch photo app on your phone or tablet, the standalone Lightroom Mobile is free. 

Image Source: Unsplash