Emirati Entrepreneur Launches Dubizzle-Like App Yjoz

  • Publish date: Friday، 04 August 2023
Emirati Entrepreneur Launches Dubizzle-Like App Yjoz

Emirati entrepreneur Youssif bin Saeed Al Lootah has launched an app similar to Dubizzle called Yjoz, which is a marketplace where people rent products.

Users can list various kinds of items on the app such as toys, jewellery, furniture, and much more.  

The items can be listed from just a day or months on end. 

The app helps people rent items for short-term usage in order to cut down on waste by sharing items.

The app requires users to create an account before they can rent anything. 

The app itself is free to download. 

Al Lootah launched Lootah Biofuels in 2010, which employed used cooking oil as an alternative fuel source. 

Yjoz seems to have been developed with a similar goal to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

If you would like to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, then check out Yjoz!

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