The Cake Boutique: Waldorf Astoria DIFC launches

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  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 September 2022
The Cake Boutique: Waldorf Astoria DIFC launches

Nestled in the heart of DIFC, this iconic 5-star hotel has launched an exclusive online cake shop, The Cake Boutique by Waldorf Astoria DIFC. A first of its kind in the Waldorf Astoria brand portfolio, get ready to be pampered by the sweet indulgence of 7 signature cakes: White Chocolate and Raspberry, Sugar Free Berries, Pistachio and Raspberry, Lotus Biscoff, Cocoa, Cheeky Monkey and 24 Carrot Gold. You are well and truly spoilt with mouth-watering flavors at The Cake Boutique by Waldorf Astoria DIFC.

The Cake Boutique is an opulent online dessert shop featuring the talented Cake Artist, Beth Lauren at the forefront of such a creative vision. Exquisite creativity, storytelling that comes to life, delicious patisserie experiences, and thoughtful awareness of sustainable, seasonal ingredients are the pillars built into the DNA of The Cake Boutique.

Whether it is a vegan delicacy or a sugar-free and gluten-free confection, Beth made sure to cater for your everyday sweet cravings. The Lotus Biscoff Cake is crafted with a cinnamon flavored vegan sponge topped with Lotus ganache softly pressed between each moist sponge layer and a smooth, ivory whipped lotus plant-based buttercream fused with a velvet Lotus sauce and crunchy biscuit pieces making it the perfect option for vegans.

Waldorf Astoria DIFC, well known for their ultra-luxurious guest experience in the UAE left no stone unturned when it comes to ordering on The Cake Boutique website. Rest assured a dedicated chauffeur would be assigned for what we call the ultimate delivery experience. Every bite of this delicate piece of sweet indulgence shall remind us of a special birthday celebration, your first graduation, your wedding or simply a cake to celebrate the happiness of life!

Here at The Cake Boutique, they bring those moments to you. Order through www.cakeboutiquedifc.com – After all, this is one of life’s sweetest joys!


About The Cake Boutique

“You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else”

Combining rich ingredients and artistic inspiration, cake artist Beth Lauren has unveiled –

The Cake Boutique, an online space created for cake connoisseurs of quality, at the prestigious

Waldorf Astoria DIFC, The newly launched one-of-a-kind online cake boutique is more than

stunning cakes, the ethos of the brand holds a strong passion for sustainability; this reflects

throughout the seven signature cakes where you will find vegan, gluten-free and sugar free

options on the menu.

Beth’s artistic background dated back to her early-twenties studying fashion and illustration.

To-date Beth’s style contributes to her timeless and conceptually strong pieces, reflected

throughout her incredible masterpieces. If you opt for a bespoke design service at The Cake

Boutique, no detail goes without attention. During a one-to-one consultation, Beth brings your

creation to life through a wonderful process of sketching, mood boards and a cake tasting. Let’s

face it, who better than an award-winning cake artist who recently won ‘Regions Wedding Cake

Artist of the Year’ award.

Expect to be spoilt for choice at The Cake Boutique by Waldorf Astoria DIFC and spend time

choosing the luscious flavours; White Chocolate and Raspberry, Lotus Biscoff, Pistachio and

Raspberry and so much more. Carefully curated with mind-blowing flavours and a brilliant ethos

– what’s not to love!

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