Things You Shouldn't Miss at DIFC Sculpture Park Before it Closes Soon

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 August 2023
Things You Shouldn't Miss at DIFC Sculpture Park Before it Closes Soon

The second edition of the DIFC Sculpture Park, held under "Tales Under the Gate", is about to close on September 30th. With just a little over a month, here are the things one must not miss at the exhibition.

More than 70 art pieces by world-renowned artists are displayed at the DIFC Sculpture Park, which kicked off in February 2023. 

Visitors are given an opportunity to get up close and personal with works of extraordinary artists from around the world and from different art movements.

You will get to see works from well-established galleries, such as Firetti Contemporary, AWC Gallery, Leila Heller Gallery, Opera Gallery, Oblong Gallery, Belvedere Art Space and Zieta Studio.

Some of the notable art pieces include Natalie Clark's Spirit of Habtoor and Lorenzo Quinn's Love Dubai, and much more. They are displayed in front of the DIFC Gate Building.

For fans of Surrealist, you have the opportunity to view the extraordinary works of the one and only, Salvador Dali. The works on display include Woman of Time.

The park allows the public to experience both art and the landscape of DIFC in an immersive and unique way.

The DIFC Sculpture Park also encourages a variety of mediums, including traditional sculptures, paintings, and video art from around the world.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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