Therapist-Vetted Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

There are also some special sessions to help you observe World Mental Health Day

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 October 2020 Last update: Monday، 11 October 2021
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With a rise on unexpected events this year, from lockdown to experiencing the loss of loved ones, 2020 has certainly taken a toll on everyone. Nothing has become more crucial than protecting your mental health and raising awareness for those that might be going through a hard time especially during this global pandemic.

As we all face an overwhelming flow of emotions, let the experts in this region help you out with their advice to overcome the hardships in 2020. Cabrière Jordaan, Counselling Psychologist at German Neuroscience Center exclusively shares with us her top tips on how to protect your mental wellbeing during times of uncertainty:

Therapist-Vetted Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Image supplied by the German Neuroscience Center

Acknowledge and express your emotions

It’s important to remember that emotions come and go. Difficult or negative emotions may feel overwhelming at times, but keep reminding yourself that emotions are temporary. Identify the emotion that you are currently feeling and allow yourself to find a healthy way of expressing that emotion through art, exercise, music, writing or by talking to a trusted person. 

Be patient with yourself

In a world full of instant gratification, it’s often difficult to remember that growth and change take time. Just as a tree does not grow or bear fruit overnight, we need to be patient with our own growth, or when making changes to enhance our wellbeing. Take small steps to increase your mental wellbeing and remember to celebrate the small victories! It may feel silly at first, but allow yourself to feel proud after cooking that healthy meal, finishing a workout, making that first appointment with a psychologist or taking 5 minutes to meditate. 

Practice gratitude

Research shows that people who practice gratitude often report an increase in positive emotions, have stronger immune systems, experience less stress and report increased meaning in their lives. Take some time at the end of your day to think about, or write down three things that you are grateful for, or to write a quick thank you message to someone you appreciate. 

Ask for support

Asking for emotional support from those around us is difficult as people often believe that asking for help means you are weak. Actually - asking for help is courageous. It is one of the bravest things that you can do for yourself. A social support network can play a large supportive role when you go through life difficulties. In addition to your social support network, it can also be very beneficial to reach out to mental health professionals during uncertain and difficult times. Psychotherapy or counselling is an investment in yourself, your growth and your mental wellbeing and it’s one of the best investments you can make.

Also, on Saturday October 10, there are two special complimentary sessions which you must register for: 

Lighthouse Arabia - Your Mind Matters webinar

Taking a closer look at why there is a worldwide epidemic of poor mental health, Farah Dahabi, Clinical Social Worker and Grief and Trauma specialist from the US will host a free to attend “YOUR MIND MATTERS” webinar. This session equips people with an understanding of what mental health is and is a starting point to begin having a critical dialogue around mental health in your personal and professional life.

Therapist-Vetted Tips To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Image courtesy of The LightHouse Arabia, Farah Dahabi

To register visit HTTPS://BIT.LY/34JS9CJ and the session will take place from 12pm - 1pm, with a 45-min webinar followed by 15-mins for Q&A and discussion.

For more information visit lighthousearabia.com 

Dubai German Neuroscience Clinic - Phone session & webinar 

Cabrière will Cabrière will host a live webinar at 2 pm dedicated to children. “How to protect young people’s mental health in the face of uncertainty,” provides strategies for parents and educators as they support children to be more resilient during challenging times. To deal with a difficult topic of uncertainty, there will also be complimentary phone consultations. 

To register for the webinar, email mail@gnc-dubai.com to receive the link, and to arrange a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation, call the clinic on +971 (0)4 4298 578. 

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash/@finnnyc