UAE Launches Riayati "Post Office" Health Insurance Governance

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 June 2022
UAE Launches Riayati "Post Office" Health Insurance Governance

UAE has launched "Riayati Post Office" service to govern and regulate health insurance operations on the Platform.

Riayati is the digital healthcare platform for the National Unified Medical Record. It aims to establish a unified national health care system that connects all health service providers in the UAE.

Riayati platform will further streamline and improve the efficiency of insurance claim processing, resulting in a faster work cycle and for that purpose, the ministry is employing the "E-Claims Post Office" as a data-sharing mechanism.

Every day, the e-Claims Post Office handles over 20,000 transactions, including over 7,000 online prescriptions and 5,000 claims. Since its introduction on April 1, 2022, it has processed over 1.5 million authorisation requests, approximately 500,000 e-recipes, and 300,000 applications.

The platform was particularly designed to support MoHAP’s endeavours to improve the efficiency, quality, and performance of population health management; as well as to make patient data more accessible, construct health information systems, and build health quality systems.

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