Permanent Makeup for Summer: Tips & Tricks

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 June 2022 Last update: Monday، 20 June 2022

If you fear the high temperatures in the summer which often puts you in a challenge to maintain the stability of your makeup, here are a few tips to make your makeup last all day.

Use Cleansing Wash

In the summer, the skin needs more care than in the winter, so it is recommended to use a medical face wash that is suitable for your skin.

Try Ice Hack

Take a cube of ice after cleaning the skin, and pass it on the face in a circular manner, after which the face is dried with a clean cotton pad.

Put On Less Make-up

Not to put too much makeup helps the skin to absorb it well, so it is preferable after applying the foundation cream, that the skin is dried with a tissue.

Choose Powder Products

In the summer, the skin needs light products, so it is better to resort to products made of powder.

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