Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 April 2021
Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

Upon Maghrib call to prayer, some of us prefer breaking their fast with dates and milk, while many others begin binge eating. However, only few are aware of the health risks related to binge eating after breaking the fast. Feeling tired and having pain in the stomach are some of the symptoms people get after consuming food quickly in Ramadan. What many do not know is that beaking the fast with dates has many health benefits for the body.

Benefits of breaking the fast on dates

Dates provide the body with the energy it needs after the long, exhausting fasting hours for our body, because it contains a good percentage of simple sugars that raise the level of sugar, which decreases during the day due to fasting.

Dates are considered a healthy snack, because they contain vitamins and minerals, as they help prepare the stomach to receive food by helping to secrete digestive juices, which help to enhance the digestive process.

It contains a lot of fiber that keeps you feeling full and full, so you don't have to eat a lot and feel tired.

Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

Prevention of constipation

Dates contain a lot of fibers that help promote bowel movement, improve digestion, and excrete waste from the body, as a person has fewer digestive disorders such as constipation throughout the month of Ramadan.

Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

Immunity booster

Dates increase the proportion of antioxidants inside the body, because they contain them in large proportions, including: flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acid, which are important compounds that improve the work of the digestive system, and make it have a great ability to fight viruses and various diseases, as it reduces the chances of The incidence of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and infections of all kinds.

Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

Promote brain health

Dates while eating them promote brain health, as they help prevent headache, dizziness, or a feeling of imbalance during fasting throughout the fasting period, as doctors advise eating dates to make the most of the antioxidants and fight infections, instead of simple sugars, which are distinguished and considered a staple food. For the brain.

Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

Mood improvement

Dates are fruits that contain high levels of vitamin B6, as it is the main source and responsible for the production of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, as this hormone works to regulate levels of tension in the brain, and it is the basis for improving the mood of your body.

Why Dates Are Perfect Fast Breakers in Ramadan

How to benefit from the nutritional value of dates

Dates contain high nutritional value, especially dried dates, where breaking the fast is separated by at least 3 dates only, and waiting for at least 5 minutes is preferable for them to do the Maghrib prayer and then start eating the food prepared to receive food after the long hours of fasting.

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