Top 10 Most Influential Women In UAE

  • Publish date: Sunday، 09 January 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 25 January 2022
Top 10 Most Influential Women In UAE

Women empowerment has always been such a topic for discussion and implementation. However, the government has always given equal constitutional rights to both men and women, Today celebrating the power of women in the Middle East, and we share with you the Top 10 influential and famous women in UAE that have conquered success and given it a new meaning, and were entrepreneurs in their fields.

Top 10 Most Influential Women In UAE

Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna Bin Sultan Al Qasimi 

Her Excellency Sheikha Lubna bin Sultan Al Qaisimi is one of the most influential women in UAE and an Emirati politician. Lubna is a member of the ruling family of Sharjah and was previously the minister of state for tolerance.

She was born back in 1962 and is the first woman to hold a ministerial position in the United Aram Emirates; not only that, Forbes listed her as the 36th most powerful woman in the world!

H.E. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi highlights #UAE's role in international efforts to achieve world peace #PeaceDay https://t.co/cydpjWTxoL pic.twitter.com/aesOMVT0L0

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan, or you may know her famous makeup brand "Huda beauty”. Huda studied in Los Angeles after her father moved to UAE as a teacher back in 2006; she started working in Revlon after that; however, one of her sisters advice her to create a blog which she named "Huda Beauty" her blog saw success, and she soon realized eyelashes which Kim Kardashian fell in love with and constantly have worn them, Huda after that saw Major success and ended up conceding a full line of makeup becoming a solid threshold in the beauty industry, with Huda Beauty makeup line, from foundation to eyeshadows, Huda sells everything, she has more than 40 million followers on Youtube and was named one of the richest women in the beauty industry and the UAE.


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Fatima Al Jaber

Fatima Obaid Al Jaber, who was born back in 1965, is the COO of the UAE based Al Jaber group; her father established this conglomerate; she is the first Emirati woman that was elected to the Abu Dhabi chamber of commerce board of directors and was listed as the 94th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.

Nayla Al-Khaja

Nayla Al Khaja is the first female film writer, director, and producer in UAE; she has directed a lot of movies and won several international awards and film festivals; her journey started back in 2006 when she was awarded the best Emirati filmmaker, after that she filmed more than five short movies such as:

  • Once (2009)
  • Malal (2010)
  • The neighbor (2013)
  • Animal (2016)
  • The shadow (2019)

Back in 2016, her film the Animal received the best short fiction award at the Italian movie award in Pompeiial-Khaja shot a pilot for her first feature film, Animal, presented at DIFF 2016. The film also received the Jury’s Special Prize for Best Short Fiction at the Italian Movie Award in Pompeii, Italy, in September 2017. In addition, Nayla also won a seat at the prestigious Producers Network at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

Mariam Al-Mansouri

Mariam AlMansouri came from a huge family; she is one of 8 children, Mariam Almansouri always strived to become a pilot, and she was one of the first women to join the UAE airforce, which is UAEAF; after graduating in 2007, she flies F-16 fighting falcon and has served her country well. 

Reem Al-Hashimi

Reem Al Hashimi was born in 1978 in Dubai. She received her master’s degree from Harvard back in 2002; back in 2016, she was appointed as the Minister of State for International Cooperation and was bid to host expo 2020 in Dubai.
HE Reem Al Hashimy, 🇦🇪 Minister of State for International Cooperation, affirmed the need for the international community to continue providing the necessary support to #Afghanistan 🇦🇫 to enjoy peace & stability, & combat terrorism.#UAEAid pic.twitter.com/WFScEGAx1T

Amal Al Qubaisi

Amal Al Qubaisi, born back in 1969, was the main speaker for the UAE federal national council (FNC) from 2015 until 2019.

Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi

Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi is a famous Emirati politician and businesswoman. She is currently the minister of culture and youth in UAE; she has held the position since 2017; she was the minister of state for the federal government national council affairs.

Joelle mardinian

Who does not know Joelle? Despite being born in Lebanon, she trained in the UK before opening her chain of salons, Maison de Joelle, and running the cosmetic clinic Clinica Joelle. She is a powerful household in the world of salons and beauty.

Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi

Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi is an Emirati politician and the minister of state for government development and the future.

فخورة بميثاء المعمري المشاركة ضمن نخبة #رواد_المستقبل، خرّيجة منحة رودز بجامعة أكسفورد- بريطانيا، حيث تسهم وتبادر بكل جديد فيما يخص تعزيز سبل التعليم من أجل المستقبل. بكفاءاتنا الوطنية الرائدة يزدهر الوطن.https://t.co/Tz5KE8U0vT pic.twitter.com/5M88xlvyks

— عهود الرومي (@OhoodAlRoumi) December 21, 2021

UAE has consistently empowered women to become the better versions of themselves and lead in the middle east, which is why many women have gained so much influence on their ground.
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