Viral Memes: The World's Fastest Waiter Turns Out to be a Little Boy!

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 20 December 2023
Viral Memes: The World's Fastest Waiter Turns Out to be a Little Boy!

If you think 2023 is done with giving you the cutest and funniest memes, well you're wrong!

A cute little boy has become the subject of the latest meme stating, "This what I expect when I see 'family restaurant'".


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The meme shows a clip of the boy running to serve some bread to a couple of customers. 

The customers thank the little guy after which he runs back to the counter. 

Another clip of the young boy was shared showing how he rushes to collect plates and baskets from the tables at the restaurant and take them to the counter.

The customers even helped him by pointing out where he should place the bread basket in his serving trolley. 

Netizens' Reaction to Fastest Little Waiter

Some netizens have criticized the video, calling the little boy's hard work 'child labor'.

However, many netizens found the clip adorable and praised the boy's quickness in his task.

One Instagram user wrote, "Speedy quick service. 5 Stars".

Another user commented, "Look at that fast service and adorable face...how can you not leave a tip".

Many users also pointed out how the little guy was helping his parents at the restaurant because he probably wanted to like children do at his age. 

The original meme received three million likes on Instagram, so the cute video seems to have brightened up many people's day!