Should Video Games Be Taught in Schools?

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 July 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 05 July 2022
Should Video Games Be Taught in Schools?

With the spread of video games and the addiction of a large number of children and young adults to them, a survey was conducted in New York about how people perceive video games, and the results were surprising, as 54% out of 2,000 people believed that video games should be taught in schools, and 3 out of 5 believed that video games should be part of the core curriculum, while 53% indicated that video games should be an academic extracurricular activity, like other sports.

Teaching Video Games to Children

Although the average person starts playing at the age of 11, more than half (54%) believe that getting into professional games requires teaching from a very early age, with 41% of respondents believing that video games should be taught in primary school while 42% of them think it should be taught in middle school.

Video Games Are Turning into University Majors!

The survey included some university students, with 88% of them stating that they would major in games if they could, as they showed an interest in content creation, gaming competence, graphic and technical arts, and business related to the world of video games.

Skills Gained from Video Games

The results of the survey showed that video games are not only for fun but also for skills gaining, as 64% of the participants stated that they have learned basic skills from games, including critical thinking (47%), creativity (47%), hand-eye coordination (45%), and communication skills (44%).

More than half of the survey respondents (58%) also learned some of the more obscure but useful skills from what they play, and those skills include patience, being more alert and focused, statistics and possibilities. A handful of respondents even credit video games with upgrading their physical abilities - such as improving their dribbling, jumping, and shooting skills.

This leads us to the fact that just as in math, social studies, and reading classes, there is always a lot to be learned from games!

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