Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 June 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 15 June 2022

With the arrival of the summer, ice cream is always a top choice. In addition to its delicious taste, various flavors, and many options, it cools up your body perfectly when temperatures go high. Here are the best ice cream spots in Dubai.

  1. Grom

This luxury store has branches in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East, including Dubai, and is known for its use of high-quality milk, cage-free eggs, and white cane sugar to make delicious smooth and creamy ice cream.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

  1. The Ice Cream Lab

This shop is famous for serving the freshest ice cream ever, using a unique blend of liquid nitrogen and fresh ingredients in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

  1. Nouq

For a mixture of Middle Eastern flavors, Nouq is the right place, featuring the use of camel milk to make ice cream with this delicious taste and offers several flavors, including honey, saffron, and mango.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

  1. Amorino

This shop is distinguished by its fascinating presentation, in addition to its many delicious flavors that satisfy all tastes. Amorino also offers delicious crepes and special waffles for lovers of other types of sweets.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

  1. Scoopi

A fan of unique flavors? Scoopi is your top choice, as it offers distinct ice cream flavors including rose, chili, olive, and avocado.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Dubai

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