Things You Can Get for Free At Expo 2020

  • Publish date: Thursday، 03 March 2022 Last update: Saturday، 05 March 2022
Things You Can Get for Free At Expo 2020

A few days separate us from the end of the amazing journey of Expo 2020. If you haven't been there yet, don't worry you still have time! Plus, there are many free things that you can do and get during this exciting visit. Here are a few of them: 

1. Free Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Well, if you are looking forward to drinking coffee from all around the world then you can get free coffee from several pavilions. You can get some aromatic cup of coffee at Rowanda pavillion for an authentic African taste. If you are a fan of Arabic coffee then you can go to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Pavillion. If you are a fan of iced coffee, then you can get one from the DP World Pavillion. 

2. Free Water

If you are walking around Expo 2020, you can fill up your refillable water bottles from fountains available at the site. If you forgot to take a water bottle with you then you can get free sparkling water from Romania Pavillion. If you are visiting the Terra Pavillion you will also be able to get a Rasberry Lime Sparkling water. 

3. Free Sweets

If you are craving something sweet, then you should be heading to the Belgium Pavilion for some yummy Belgian sweets.

You can get free caramel fudge from Poland pavilion. As well, black cherry jam from Cyprus pavilion.

4. Free Souvenirs

There are many places in Expo to try to get free souvenirs to remember this awesome place. First, you can visit Kuwait pavilion and get hats and cute mini brooches. Also, you can get a very cool scarf when you visit the Jordanian pavilion.

You can get a pearl inspection magnifying lens in Bahrain’s Pavilion.

As well, you can get goodie bags filled with stuff like notebooks, pens, soap, face masks, magnets, and candles that are available in Mauritius, Paraguay, Qatar, Ethiopia, Korea, Czech and Singapore pavilions.

5. Free Ice Cream

You can get some delicious ice cream with different flavors from various countries. Free ice creams are available at Czech, Syria, and Kuwait.


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