Best Places to Buy Ramadan Desserts in Dubai

Here are some places to try out in Dubai for Ramadan desserts.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 March 2023 Last update: Thursday، 23 March 2023
Best Places to Buy Ramadan Desserts in Dubai

Although, everyone loves a hearty meal for iftar or suhoor, they also love to have dessert at both times. Desserts are a healthy way to break fast at iftar or to have for suhoor because they are sweet and cool, therefore they are not heavy for the stomach. Some people might love preparing sweet dishes at home, but there are many people who do not get the time and would love to order out.

Here are the best places to buy Ramadan desserts in Dubai:

Al Samadi Sweets

Al Samadi Sweets sells authentic Arabic sweets such as luqaymat, baklava, kunafa, and sfouf. These amazing desserts are a combination of nutritious nuts and sweet syrups, creams, and pastries, which make them a healthy and delicious choice for iftar and suhoor.


If you love sweet dishes that are soft and sugar-coated, then Cinnabon is the place for you. This eatery serves buns with a variety of flavours and they can be had with their cold brews. The eatery also serves Cinnapacks, which are perfect for iftar parties or suhoor get-togethers.

Paul Bakery

Paul is a French bakery that serves bakery and cakes, but also lunch and dinner meals. The eatery’s baked treats will make an excellent delight along with tea or any hot beverage at iftar or suhoor. Their cakes are sweet and smooth delicacies that appease many palates at an iftar party.

Puranmal Sweets

This Indian sweet store provides a variety of India’s large selection of sweets. The store serves gulab jamun, rabree, rasgulla, rasmalai, and much more. These delightful treats complement those heavy iftar meals with their sugary taste and soft texture.  

Cold Stone Creamery

Everyone’s go-to dessert for any event and day, but also for Ramadan because after a long day of fasting, ice cream is a very desirable cold and sweet dessert. The creamery serves a variety of ice cream flavours as well as ice cream cakes, which will make a perfect treat after an iftar or suhoor meal.

Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets is another place that provides various sweet delicacies from India. The restaurant sells halwas, laddus, barfis, Bengali sweets, and much more. They also sell sugar-free sweets for people following sugar-free diets. These Indian delicacies will make the ideal dessert for an iftar or suhoor meal.

Firas Sweets

Firas Sweets is a Palestinian sweet shop that sells a variety of Middle Eastern sweets such as baklava, qatayef, ma’mul, and much more. The shop’s variety ranges from nutty and crunchy sweets to soft and creamy sugary delights, which are an ideal choice for a Ramadan dessert.

Delice Gourmet

Everyone loves chocolate and they probably prefer a chocolate dessert for iftar or suhoor, so Delice Gourmet is their place to go. The chocolatier combines French and Arabic flavours to create a variety of delectable chocolates and sweets. They also sell stuffed dates to make breaking fast the sweetest experience.


Godiva is a Belgian chocolatier that can also fulfil your chocolate cravings for iftar or suhoor. The chocolatier offers a special Ramadan collection that includes napolitains, finesse belles, truffles, and much more.

Al Sultan Sweets

Al Sultan Sweets also provides a wide range of Arabic sweets including kunafa, qashati, and many others.

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