Travel in UAE: Al Zorah Mangroves, Ajman

Al Zorah Mangroves in Ajman a great please for you and mother earth all at once

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 March 2021
Travel in UAE: Al Zorah Mangroves, Ajman
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We might all know UAE for Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Jbr, Marina, for its hot well-known spots. However, there is more than that and if you love nature and water activities, then Al Zorah Mangroves is the ultimate quick getaway.

Al Zorah Mangroves is an ecosystem that spans an area of over 1 million square metres, the thick, natural mangroves of Al Zorah is home to over 102 species of native and migratory birds including the famed pink flamingoes that can be spotted throughout the year and more so during the nesting season. The area is abundant with a variety of corals, fish, molluscs and indigenous flora, as well as scientists and researchers to conduct field studies.

The beautiful nature reminds us once again of mother earth and the importance of it as mangroves are so important for our existing problem and that is climate change.

Mangroves are woody plants that inhabit the intertidal zones of tropical and subtropical coasts all around the world.

They are highly recognizable from their visible root systems which can give them the strange impression of being planted upside-down.

Why we

Mangroves are important as they sequester carbon, one of the major benefits of mangroves is their ability to reduce harmful the greenhouse gases which cause climate change.

Al Zorah Mangroves in Ajman include activities such as kayaking and planting you own mangrove.