UAE: Residents Traveling Abroad Should Get Vaccinated

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 28 April 2021
UAE: Residents Traveling Abroad Should Get Vaccinated

If you are planning on going abroad whether for a vacation or just business, the UAE is now urging all residents who would want to travel abroad to get vaccinated first.

Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the health sector, said members of the public should receive both vaccine doses before leaving the country.

She urged all UAE citizens and residents to be immunized "for their own safety" to aid the country's fight against Covid-19, through an interview with The National.

Dr Al Hosani also said that anyone planning to travel abroad should "consider the risks" and "carefully select their destination".

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“They must take the vaccine,” she told The National.

“But it is not just travelers, everyone must get the vaccine, regardless of whether they are travelling or not. It is for their own safety.”

The vaccine does not necessarily mean that we can now live carefree as people should carefully select their holiday destinations to avoid putting themselves and family members at risk.

“Most importantly, [...] study the country you are going to. Make sure they [holiday destination] don’t have high Covid infection rates," Dr Al Hosani said.

"Also, it might be difficult being there because they may face lockdowns and not be able to return.

"So, travelers need to take a full 'Covid review' of their destination country.

"Also, avoid countries that have low health infrastructures, where people don’t wear masks and countries that have low testing rates.”

"If they go to countries that don’t have social distancing and have low vaccination rates, then it means that it is risky for them to choose this destination.”

Dr Al Hosani also advised people to prevent mixing vaccines such as taking a first dose from one vaccine maker before switching to another.

She said there is insufficient data to suggest taking a mixture of vaccines would be effective.

“[People] should stick to one vaccine. Currently, there is not enough data regarding the safety of interchanging vaccines.”

Dr Al Hosani said similar recommendations are followed worldwide.

“Most regulatory countries are warning about mixing vaccines.”

With the vaccination, right research and care you will definitely have a safe trip and summer.

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