UAE Jobs: Companies Increase Freelancers Recruitment to Cut Costs

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 April 2021
UAE Jobs: Companies Increase Freelancers Recruitment to Cut Costs

The UAE has seen a 197% increase in recruiting freelancers in the digital sector in 2020 according to the World Economic Forum.

Companies around the UAE are replacing full time positions with freelancers to cut costs according to a new research which polled more than 180 senior professionals across the region.

According Abbas Ali, Senior Vice President of Tasc Outsourcing, HR managers are favouring long-term use of freelancers which is known as “blended workforce” partly due to COVID-19.

“A wide range of businesses are discovering they can still increase their top line by using a mix of short-term contractors or employees,” said Mr Ali.

“It is this awareness among GCC organisations that you can grow your business according to project needs, that has them inclined towards the blended workforce model.

According to HR professionals questioned in the survey, around two thirds said that increasing or reducing the workforce quickly was a benefit, while 62 per cent said contract employees gave them access to a highly skilled talent pool with niche experience.

However, more than half said it lowered overhead costs and facilitated a flexible and agile workforce while a third said it increased productivity.

Last year, the Dubai Government's made the decision to support professionals in the digital sector who wish to work remotely such as work permits for international freelancers.

In Addition, the UAE has ranked first in the Arab World and 31st in the world in the remote working index published by UK-based Circle Loop.

“We now live in a borderless world, and quick inter-country or intra-country deployment of talent tremendously helps the growth of businesses.” Mr Ali said

“All these measures show the government’s intent to facilitate the adoption of a blended workforce, and it’s only going to increase as UAE continues to digitally transform itself.”

Image Source: Unsplash