UAE Increases The Support Emiratis Salaries

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 November 2022
UAE Increases The Support Emiratis Salaries

The UAE has announced increasing the support for the salaries of Emiratis in the private and banking sectors under the Emirati Salary Support Scheme which contributes to the recruitment and training costs of Emiratis in the private sector.

Over the next five years, the move will help create partnerships and support more than 170,000 beneficiaries in the private and banking sectors.

The decision covers all the employees in the private and banking sectors irrespective of the date of joining their respective workplaces, i.e., including those who were hired both before and after the Nafis program's September 13 debut last year.

The update also involves extending the eligibility for salary support to all working citizens, regardless of their jobs, specialties, or educational backgrounds, as long as their monthly salaries do not exceed AED30,000.

The amount of financial support has increased such that the highest monthly financial allowance for those with a bachelor's degree is now AED7000; for those with a diploma, it is AED6,000; and for those with only a high school diploma, it is AED5,000. Support is given for the discrepancy between the employee's actual gross pay and the target salary set for him in the relevant wage category.

For a period of five years beginning from the date of the decision, the UAE citizens who work in the private sector will also be given a children's allowance of AED600  for each child, provided that the total monthly salary does not exceed AED50,000  and support is provided for a maximum of four children.