UAE to Issue New Freelance Work Permits for All Skill Levels

The new permit will allow people with different skills to take up freelance jobs.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 March 2023
UAE to Issue New Freelance Work Permits for All Skill Levels

The UAE will introduce a new freelance work permit that will allow people with different skillsets to take up freelance work in the UAE. 

The new permit will be introduced in the third quarter of 2023 and allow freelancers to work within the UAE or from any part of the world. 

Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation Abdulrahman Al Awar was at the "Remote" forum on Wednesday in Dubai and said "we are going to introduce something new which is the freelancing work permit for all skill levels...Besides high-skilled people, low-skilled people can have flexible work permits that allow them to work for themselves and work with others — as long they are within the umbrella of the law and have done the proper registration with the ministry."

The Minister also ensured that new policies are being developed to promote flexible and remote work.

He also said that creative talent will not be tied to employers only because  "in the new policy, you work for yourself. It’s an adhoc job where you decide (what kind of work you wish to take up)."

The new policy can benefit companies because they do not have to take risks and decide whether to keep an employee with them or not. Simultaneously, employees do not have to stay tied down to one organization, which will increase productivity in the labour market and enhance a person's value in the workforce. 

The Minister also predicted that 24,000 job opportunities are expected to be created by 2024 with this new policy, which is also expected to improve productivity in the private sector as well. 

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