New Year New Me! But How To Stick To Your New Years Resolution?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 02 January 2022
New Year New Me! But How To Stick To Your New Years Resolution?

As we bid farewell to 2021, the new year is here, and with the new year comes new resolution as we all aim to become a better version of ourselves; however, many of us set expectations for the new year only to abandon them in a month as a study says that almost 80% of New Years' resolutions are left around February only in 1 month! However, after covid-19, Many people are the resolution to stick to their new year new me goals! 

Today we share Tips and Tricks that will make sticking to your new year resolution way more accessible than it was!

How to stick to your new years' resolution?

It is that time of the year to ditch your old self and aim for the better version you have always dreamt of, today we gathered terrific tips to help make that easier for you!

Make a detailed plan (and stick to it!)

When thinking about new-years resolution, it is easy to get overwhelmed and start listing a lot of things on your yearly calendar, however, we recommend setting fewer realistic goals, with a lot of details instead of it being vague, so do not go for " Going to the gym" but go for "Going to the gym, three days a week, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm) this will help you when you want to start and wires your brain to make sure that at 6 pm you will leave to the gym, if you leave out the details it will be harder to stick to the plan.

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Did not stick to the plan? It is penalty time

Nothing works like magic more than money, promise yourself that every time you miss out on one of your detailed new year's resolutions, you will donate some cash for it, not only will this make sticking to your goals more manageable, but your lost money in case you missed something, will go to a good cause.

judge your goals

Tell someone about it.

You might have eaten more than what you planned for last years' holidays, not looking too good in your old clothes? So you decide to trash the fries and pick up some healthy habits, you wrote your plan, made out everything felt excited ... but after sticking to the gym and healthy habits for a week, some of the old habits start to crawl in your life, not if you tell someone about it! 

Telling your friends or family members might help you out a lot, instead of slipping back into the old habits, you would feel ashamed that after you told them you would live a healthy life, you couldn't last for even an entire week.

Do not fret and enjoy

Life is too short to keep on worrying, take things seriously but do not suffer because of it, nothing in the world beats a burst of good laughter and a great mood, think t yourself that your goals are there to make you better. Still, the goal is not everything, make sure to enjoy the process of becoming the person you have always dreamt about.

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