US Veterans Burn Uniforms for Aaron Bushnell

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 March 2024
US Veterans Burn Uniforms for Aaron Bushnell

US veterans in Portland, Oregon, US held a vigil for Aaron Bushnell, who immolated himself to protest for Palestine, and during the vigil, the veterans burned their military uniforms. 

These veterans are anti-war and they burned their uniforms to support Busnell's call for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

The vigil hosted veterans from the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan who showed solidarity with the former US Air Force serviceman. 

During the vigil, the veterans were chanting, "Remember Aaron Bushnell, he's not alone!" emphasizing their support for calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Protestors were also holding a banner, which read, "Veterans Say: Free Palestine!"

Aaron Bushnell

Aaron Bushnell was an active US Air Force serviceman who immolated himself in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Feb. 25.

Bushnell live-streamed the self-immolation on Twitch and shouted, "Free Palestine!"

Various officers on the scene used fire extinguishers on Bushnell, after which he was transported to the hospital but he soon succumbed to his injuries.

Bushnell had made a will before his self-immolation, which stated that all his savings be donated to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. 

Bushnell's actions are seen as an extreme form of protest against the ongoing Israeli war in Gaza. 

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