7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

You will be surprised to know why ...

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 05 July 2017 Last update: Sunday، 05 December 2021
7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!
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7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates ever!

It’s been on my bucket list to write about Emirates travel experience. So here is my review of my latest flight from Dubai to San Francisco and why you should never fly Emirates!

  1. Hassle free online booking! Great and easy way to book your flight! Whether you are making your reservation via www.emirates.com or from the world class application. It is straightforward and easy to navigate.

Tip: If you are flying Business class, be prepared for a hefty expense or do what I do. Purchase your economy ticket as a Flexible Fare and use your hard earned miles to upgrade. You will never regret it the trip on long haul flights.

You can always call the Customer Service and usually your call is answered within 1 minute.

Tip: Make sure you set up your 4-digit code when calling Emirates. They will immediately recognize your status and no need to ask you for your Skywards or any other identification.

  1. Who cares about service, service, service! Flying Business has its perks. With complimentary chauffeur service to pick you up from your residence and drop you off at the designated Business and First Class terminal (Terminal 3 in Dubai International Airport)

Tip: Make sure to request your pick up and drop off. It is complimentary service in most destinations but you must request it in advance. Saves you waiting for taxis and it is free!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

  1. Business Lounge at the airport! Once you clear immigration and security, head to the lounge. My flight was from Terminal A which requires taking a short dash by train. You are greeted with a warm welcome and a range of facilities such as free Wi-Fi, showers, great buffet of variety of foods and drinks
    7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

Tip: If you are at Terminal B, you can treat yourself to complimentary Costa coffees and pastries. I am hoping this offer will soon be available at all terminals

  1. Boarding the flight. As a Business class traveler, you literally parachute into the gate from the lounge. No queues or additional security to deal with. Unfortunately, due to increased U.S. regulations, you are not allowed to have electronics on board (laptops, cameras and other devices). Hair dryers are allowed though! – Weird, I know! Just don’t blame Emirates. You will surrender your electronics at the gate and you can pick them up upon arrival to your destination.

UPDATE on July 4th - It is now cleared you can onboard your electronics with you. Perhaps my blog post had something to do with it.

Tip: Make sure you back up important documents on a USB. You will know why soon.

  1. On the flight. Warm welcome! The crew pays attention to welcome you back if you are a Skywards member. Best of class seats that lay full flat, a huge 21” screens, power plugs, USB plugs, a Tablet and a remote control to control your entertainment system. The entertainment system ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment) can’t be beaten. Alas, I travel quite a bit so I have seen most of the movies.

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

Tip: Watch Live TV if you wish to stay in touch with what’s going on around the world or do what I do, catch the latest season of Big Bang Theory J

Back to the laptop situation, Emirates has come up with a creative solution to keep their Business class frequent passengers relieved. They offer complimentary loaners. Now you can use your documents on your USB and keep working

Tip #1: Simply request a laptop once you board and Emirates staff will generously loan you a laptop for up to 2 hours – although I have been able to use it for much longer.

Tip #2: Complimentary Wi-Fi!!! Yes you have up to 20MB of complimentary WIFI. You can purchase additional data for about $15 USD.

Tip #3: If you use your Skywards number to log in to “OnAir” Wi-Fi service, then the internet is completely complimentary. Go ahead sign up for Skywards. It is simple. www.emirates.com. Start racking up the miles from your first trip

Tip #4: You can use multiple devices. However, only one device can be active at any one time.

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!

A great menu with rich variety of appetizers, main meal, desserts/cheese and drinks. Alcoholic drinks are complimentary – I don’t drink but I know this is a plus! You can order Espresso too!

On the Airbus - A380 flights there is a bar at the back with snacks being served throughout the flight. You won’t get hungry on Emirates.

Tip: You can shower on A380 when flying First class. It is amazing experience. A must on a bucket list!

Passengers are offered a nice and useful vanity kit (Bvlgari). Emirates elegant uniforms stand out. You can tell the staff are proud of their employer! Smiles with bright red lipsticks.

  1. Whether you are flying Economy, Business or First, I don’t recall ever being upset or disappointed with Emirates. There might have been times but mostly due to weather or airport conditions. Emirates does a fantastic job keeping their aircrafts in top notch condition and to a great degree on time. If you like delays and older aircrafts, then definitely this is a reason not to fly Emirates!
  2. Upon arrival: Once landed, Business Class luggage is usually ready by the time you reach the luggage belt.  Make sure you pick up your electronics that were surrendered at the gate.  Once you exit customs, you will find your chauffeur service awaiting with your name on a placard.

Now if the above 7 reasons are not good enough, you should definitely not fly Emirates! I know there are many other carriers that would love to win your business.

Chapeau to Emirates!

7 reasons why you should never fly Emirates again!