Water Diet: Lose 5 kg in a Week

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 October 2018 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Water Diet: Lose 5 kg in a Week

Experts at the “Japanese Federation for Diseases” recommend not eating any food or drinking anything during the two hours following each of breakfast, lunch and dinner, the “Japanese Federation for Diseases” published the water treatment experiment which has prove 100% successful in treating old and modern diseases.

water diet
The specialists recommend drinking large quantities of water, because it helps the body to burn more fat through increasing metabolism. If soda is replaced with water, this will dispose the body of a lot of calories it does not need. Doctors find that drinking water half an hour before eating make one lose appetite, but they warn against drinking water while eating because it leads to an adverse effect.   
Many people mistakenly believe that drinking warm water helps in dieting and burning fat faster, however specialists confirmed that cold water helps to lose weight more effectively from warm water. This is because as soon as the body receives any fluids or food, it adjusts its temperature. So when it receives cold water it will immediately raise its temperature, thus the burning rate increases which makes the body excrete larger amounts of sweat, then it feels the need to drink some water to compensate what it lost.
According to Dr. “Maher Iskandar”- obesity and thinness consultant- water does reduces the feeling of hunger, because it fills the stomach and intestines which gives a feeling of fullness. In addition, drinking water in sufficient quantities prevents fat deposition in the body as it excrete the largest possible amount of waste and fat outside the body, especially those fats known as leafy fats which cause obesity.
The water diet depends on fixing a special schedule in which the person drinks water gradually on a daily basis, as they start with 4 cups until they reach 10 cups. After that they continue to drink the same quantity of water throughout the diet.

Lose 5 kg in a Week with water diet
We conclude from the nutrition experts some guidelines which must be followed when starting the “water diet”, and they are:
-    Drink water at any time throughout the day, and do not bear in mind calculating other fluids which you drink such as tea, coffee or soda.
-    Do not drink half the quantity specified per day on the assumption that you will make it up next day, because this will make your body imbalanced with regard to the received and excreted fluids.
-    Do not eat any fatty or high-calorie foods under the pretext of drinking large quantity of water, in this regimen you must eat moderately with eating more vegetables, fruit and low-calorie foods.
-    When you reach the desired weight, do not stop drinking water… because the body needs 10 cups a day in order to keep the weight you have reached.

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