World’s Biggest Beach Club is Coming to Dubai!

  • Publish date: Saturday، 10 February 2024
World’s Biggest Beach Club is Coming to Dubai!

Fundamental Hospitality, based in Dubai, is elevating beach clubs with the opening of Sirene by GAIA in Dubai’s Jumeirah One in September 2024, according to CEO Evgeny Kuzin.

Spanning 9,000 square meters along Jumeirah's coast, it will be the world's largest beach club. The venue features 400+ sunbeds, swimming pools, cabanas, and dining areas serving Mediterranean cuisine curated by GAIA, one of Dubai’s iconic restaurants. Fundamental Hospitality’s successful brand, GAIA, launched in 2018, has locations in Doha, Monte Carlo, and London, with openings planned for Marbella and Miami this year.

Sirene by GAIA takes the concept beachside with sharing plates and larger portions for beach days. Kuzin credits GAIA’s popularity for the brand's global growth. Sirene by GAIA is part of Fundamental Hospitality's plan to introduce 14 new brands globally in the next year, with a $140 million investment program. La Maison Ani, Shanghai Me, and KIGO will debut in top global destinations.

In Dubai, INNA and day-to-night venue Evie’s will launch in 2024. Kuzin hinted at a top global retail brand at Sirene by GAIA. The international debut aims to solidify Dubai’s position in the luxury hospitality industry.

Kuzin emphasizes that Dubai-born concepts, like GAIA, are making an impact in luxury dining worldwide, stating, "We are from Dubai, we are made in Dubai and we are scaling to the world."