Welcoming Driverless Taxis' Trial In Dubai This Year

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 February 2022
Welcoming Driverless Taxis' Trial In Dubai This Year

The RTA has announced that there are preparations for digital maps to Automated driverless Taxis and vehicles happening by the end of 2022 to get ready for the launch in 2023, as the RTA has partnered up with the Cruise company, a subsidiary of General Motors.

The cruise company will operate driverless taxis and e-hail services; UAE is the first country to have those cars using other than the USA.

The plan is to increase the number of vehicles from the Cruise company to become 4000 by 2030.

Transforming Dubai as a smart city 

Dubas' smart strategy for transportation is aiming to change 25% of transportation to smart driveless vechiles by 2030, so this is only the first step.

This will reduce the number of accidents and help out people with disabilities to drive and move without the help of anyone else.

What is smart transportation?

Smart transportation is the integration of technology and management intro transportation, it is not only represented by driveless cars, but also by car navigation systems and traffic signal control systems, even smart city camera recognition systems, such as automatic plate number recognition or speed cameras, and security CCTV systems.

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