You Can Exchange Your Used Items Through This Dubai E-Platform

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 August 2021
You Can Exchange Your Used Items Through This Dubai E-Platform

Dubai Municipality's launched an online platform in Dubai for exchanging recyclable materials.

Exchanging reusable items will be made easier for individuals, companies and government entities.

Those with recyclables can connect with firms that need materials to manufacture new products through the portal,

The platform can be accessed through the Dubai Municipality's website.

"The establishment of such an electronic platform for the exchange of recyclable or reusable materials is the first of its kind in the region," said Abdulmajeed Saifaie, Director of Dubai Municipality's Waste Management Department.

"It has several features, such as the list of recyclable and useable materials, the possibility to follow up on the status of materials listed by site users, and browsing the materials offered by all groups."

The move aims to reduce the quantities of waste produced and raising the percentage of waste diverted from landfills.

Recently, Dubai Municipality won the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident (RoSPA) award. The Municipality won the "RoSPA Inspiration Award" in the category of Health and Safety Team of the Year 2021 - Middle East for the Mini-Crisis Cell Working Group System to Limit the Spread of COVID-19.

The initiative also focused on highlighting the distinctive organisational efforts of Dubai Municipality and its pioneering role at the emirate level of rapid response to health and safety requirements during the COVID-19, and the effective participation in accelerating the pace of recovery in coordination with all other government agencies and institutions in the emirate.