Top Whole Sale Markets in UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 May 2021
Top Whole Sale Markets in UAE

When thinking of Dubai or UAE in general, the first thing to come to mind are the well-known landmarks and the variety of shopping malls, from Dubai Mall to Mall of the Emirates and many others.

Dubai is a great place for shopping, and is known as shopper’s paradise all across the world. Dubai is a place that connects the Eastern world with the Western world. It is a place with diversity in each and every product category. From the world’s highest- and top-class brands to local shops and products each and everything can be found in the markets of Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of merchants. In this city buyers can find a whole new world totally different from the outside world owing to its diversity and multilingual markets.

In the wholesale markets of Dubai and UAE, buyers can find each and everything from local to high class branded products at very cheap rates. These markets also provide cheap branded or genuine copied products in their secret stores.

Here is a list of the most prominent whole sale markets in Dubai.

  • Dubai Outlet Mall

Malls of the UAE: Dubai Outlet Mall fertile ground for real bargains | The  National

Dubai Outlet Mall is a place where high class designers, high street retailers all brought their stocks at wholesale rates with amazing discounts. This place is best for the wholesale buyers because they can get a variety of designer clothes that are from last season’s catalogues and have still high demand in the local customers’ market.

  • Dragon Mart


Dragon Mart is patience demanding market, because it takes time of the buyers to look around for the best product before paying for the bulk quantity. Dragon Mart sells cheap synthetic products with no return policy. Designer clothes are also available, but with high prices as compared to other local products.

  • Al Karama

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The Karama is far different from Dubai’s sleek malls. The best way to shop is to first walk around and see the items before buying. Shopkeepers invite the buyers by calling out coveted designer brands. A lot of clothing is counterfeit here and the fake or genuine copy items are sold in the secret back stores.

Image Source: Unsplash

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