10 Must Try Food at Global Village Dubai 2022

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 November 2022
10 Must Try Food at Global Village Dubai 2022
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Global village opening was on the 25th of October, this year marks its 27th season, and until now, all the visitors are amazed by the GV activities, booths, and surprises. Mostly, people visit Global Village to experience unique, varied, and flavored cuisines from around the world! Find out in this article the must-try food and dishes at Global Village Dubai 2022.    

Best 10 Dishes at Global Village Dubai 2022 

Global Village is a dreamy world of adventure where visitors can explore the world in one place and try yummy food from around the world. Below is the best food at Global Village Dubai 2022: 



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Whether you’re a chicken or a meat fan, Saga provides an endless taste with their only two options; Chicken Toast which is Crispy outside, tender and juicy inside, and the super juicy Brisket Toast.   

  • Location: Culture Gate - VIP Entrance _SME 13 

Gather On 

Gather On is known for its very famous noodles “ASH Noodles”, they also have delicious burgers, Corndog, and mouthwatering loaded fries.  

  • Location: Cultural Gate - SME 15 

Bang Burger 

Taste the Real Wagyu made with brioche bread at Bang Burger, and you will be addicted after you take a bite!  

  • Location: Happiness Street  



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Savoree is presenting its dishes with a new concept and adding secret flavors to everyone’s favorite food, such as Falafel, Mac N Cheese, Calamari, and much more. 

  • Location: Cultural gate – SME8 

Shish Barak  


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Shish Barak is delicious Middle Eastern homemade meat dumplings cooked in a garlic yogurt sauce, and it can be eaten alone or with rice. Try the best Shish Barak in Dubai at Shish Barak Global Village! 

  • Location: Fiesta Street 


Craving Koshari? Head to FALFOOL, which sells the best Koshari, a traditional Egyptian vegan dish! They also have Falafel and many other Middle Eastern food. 

  • Location: SME 06 VIP  

Ma’am Su Snacks 

Do you want to try the best-fried snacks and original authentic Thai food? Experience this feeling only at Ma’am Su Snacks, and Shrimp Sticks is their most-selling item.   

  • Location: Floating market - Shop number 19-20 



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French Fries Lover? Hoka is your place! Hoka has the yummiest Classic Cut Fries with many sauce options. Hoka also sells French Fries with ice cream.   

  • Location: Iranian Village Entrance 



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Visit NODO to try their Combined with noodles, crispy French Fries, and delicious chicken sandwich! 

  • Location: Fiesta Street 

Warag Thahab  

Because you deserve happiness, Warag Thahab offers Global Village visitors the best sour Waraq Enab and flavorful Musakan.   

  • Location: Kiosk SME 19  

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