3M Travelers to Return to Dubai from Vacations in the Next 13 Days

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 August 2023
3M Travelers to Return to Dubai from Vacations in the Next 13 Days

The world's busiest airport, Dubai International Airport (DXB), is preparing for a massive influx of 3.3 million travelers over the span of the next 13 days.

August 26th and 27th are anticipated to be the busiest days of the year, with an overall traffic total of over 500,000 travelers, up from the average daily traffic of 258,000 travelers. 

In order to provide visitors with a smooth airport experience, Dubai Airports is closely collaborating with airlines, control authorities, and commercial and service partners. 

The following are DXB's main recommendations for travelers who are arriving:

  • Travelers arriving at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 can utilize designated passport control counters to independently get their passports stamped.
  • Passengers over 12 can use Smart Gates for faster passport control if they are traveling with a family and are over the age of 12.
  • The road through the airport may become congested during peak hours.
  • Make the most of the DXB experience by taking advantage of the different amenities in lounges, restaurants, and shopping establishments, and duty-free. Use the DXB Terminals 1 and 3 stations of the Dubai Metro, if at all possible.
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