How to Change Your UAE Visit Visa Status in One Day

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 04 January 2023
How to Change Your UAE Visit Visa Status in One Day
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Flydubai and Salaam Air from Terminal 2 of Dubai International airport are offering same-day visit visa status change.

Tourists can select either a same-day status change or stay for a day in a neighboring country and return the next day.

The same day allows travelers to stay in a neighboring country for few hours in the airport then head back on a different flight.

"Around 600-800 people are utilizing the air-to-air status change facilities in Dubai every day,” said Raheesh Babu, chief operating officer of online travel agency

In December 2022, the UAE discontinued the option for visit visa holders to extend their stay permits from within the country. Visit visa holders now must exit the country before they can come back on a new visa.